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Details of the trip

Before proceeding with the payment process, make sure all your trip details are correct. In this section, you will find a detailed summary of your itinerary, including destinations, dates, activities and accommodation. Be sure to review every detail and if necessary, make any necessary modifications before proceeding.

Price Summary

So that you have complete transparency regarding the costs of your trip, we have prepared a complete summary of prices. This includes the base cost of the trip, upgrade options, taxes and fees, as well as any discounts applied. If you have any discount codes, this is where you can apply them for an even more attractive price.

Payment options

At Machupicchu Travel Tour, we understand that each traveler has their own payment preferences. That is why we offer several options for your comfort. You can pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer or PayPal. Our online payment system is secure and reliable, guaranteeing the protection of your personal data.

Personal and Billing Details

To complete the payment process, we need some personal and billing details. This includes your contact information, billing address, and emergency contact information. This information is essential to ensure effective communication during your trip and for any eventuality that may arise.

Booking confirmation

Once you have completed all the steps above, you will receive a confirmation of your reservation in your email. Be sure to check all the details again to make sure everything is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, our customer service team will be happy to help you at any time.

Contact and Support

At Machupicchu Travel Tour, we value our customer satisfaction above all else. If at any time you need help or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team. We are available by phone, email and live chat to provide you with the support you need.

We are excited to be part of your journey and hope this payment page has provided you with the information you need to complete your reservation safely and easily. We hope to see you soon on an exciting adventure with Machupicchu Travel Tour!


Tambopata Tours with Machupicchu Travel Tour: An Unparalleled Adventure in the Peruvian Rainforest
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Tambopata Tours with Machupicchu Travel Tour: An Unparalleled Adventure in the Peruvian Rainforest

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